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I’m  so  glad  you’re  interested  in  a  boudoir  session Take  a  few  minutes  to  read  through  this  information  and  learn  more  about  what  my   sessions  are  like  and  what  packages  are  offered.  I’m  available  anytime  to  answer  questions   whether  by  email  or  phone.  It’s  natural  to  be  nervous  -­‐  don’t  hesitate  to  email  or  call!

This  is  a  Celebration  of  You Your  comfort  is  the  most  important  part  of  your  session.  Clients  are  treated  with  the   utmost  respect.  I  want  you  to  feel  beautiful.  Prior  to  your  session,  we’ll  go  over  ideas  and   questions  -­‐  and  you’ll  tell  me  a  little  about  what  you  think  are  your  best  features.  You  don’t   have  to  have  the  ”perfect  body”  to  look  absolutely,  positively  sexy  in  your  photos.  Don’t   worry  -­‐  my  job  is  to  bring  our  your  flirty,  beautiful  side.

My  Photographic  Style The  key  to  my  boudoir  photos  is  what  happens  when  they’re  taken  AND  when  they’re   processed  on  the  computer.  First  -­‐  what  happens  when  they’re  taken:  I  am  not  a  slave  to  a   camera  flash  and  external  lighting.  I  love  working  with  natural  light  and  the  beautiful  tones   and  drama  it  creates.   Secondly,  my  processing  of  the  photos  after  your  session  makes  a  big  difference.  Processing   is  the  term  used  to  describe  the  creative  license  I  take  with  the  photos.  They’re  already  off   to  a  great  start,  but  I  like  to  add  a  little  something  to  them.  I’m  influenced  by  fashion   magazine  photography  as  well  as  vintage  photography  from  the  50s  and  60s.  I  read  Vogue,   Vanity  Fair,  W,  on  and  on  -­‐  and  study  what’s  going  on  in  the  world  of  fashion  photography   (much  of  which  is  represented  in  the  ads  as  much  as  in  the  articles!).  I  love  retro-­‐faded tones,  playing  with  contrast  and  customizing  the  process  to  each  photo.  Contrasty  and   dramatic  black  and  whites  are  also  one  of  my  favorite  ways  to  make  a  photo  sexy  and   gorgeous.  It  seems  like  a  black/white  photo  can  instantly  remove  about  5  pounds,  too!  I  spend  several  hours  minimum  per  session  processing  the  photos  to  capture  these  styles.   This  is  what  sets  them  apart.

Retouching Retouching  is  included  with  every  session  as  it’s  such  an  important  part  of  making  these   photos  more  than  just  another  picture.  All  of  the  photos  in  your  final  gallery  are  retouched   as  needed  to  smooth  skin  on  face  and  body  where  needed.  During  your  client  interview  we   will  go  over  any  blemishes,  scars,  etc.  you  may  want  removed  from  final  photos.  Removing   these  things  after  they  are  in  your  final  gallery  may  incur  an  additional  cost,  so  be  sure  to  let   me  know  the  day  of  your  session.  (Please  note:  Retouching  does  not  include  body  sculpting  or  making  you  two  sizes  smaller!)

What’s  It  Like Boudoir  sessions  are  relaxed,  fun  and  feminine.  It’s  just  us  girls,  a  little  wine  if  you’d   like,  the  tastefully  decorated  room  and  the  camera.  This  is  about  you  -­‐  only  a  little  more   bare  and  a  lot  sexy!      The  focus  is  on  turning  your  best  features  into  art.  Bare  shoulders,  smooth  skin,  your  best   features  are  highlighted  with  dramatic  backlighting,  artistic  shadows  and  creatively-­‐placed   sheets  and  gorgeous  lingerie.  It’s  not  always  what’s  seen but  sometimes  what’s  hinted at!  We   will  go  over  your  session  beforehand  in  detail  to  make  sure  I  know  what  you  want   photographed  and  what  you  don’t.  You’ll  be  pleasantly  surprised  at  what  a  great  angle  can   do  to  bring  out  your  killer  curves.

What  to  Bring/Wear You  should  bring  up  to  2  or  3  outfit  changes  -­‐  typically  this  is  a  mix  of  lingerie,  special  items   of  his  (a  favorite  shirt  or  jersey)  and  any  other  options  you’d  like.  Past  clients  have  also  brought  beautiful  coats,  a  significant  other’s  uniform  shirt,  coat,  hat  or  helmet,  and  bridal  clients  have  brought  their  veil,  corset  or  other  fun  bridal  goods.   Here’s  my  advice  -­‐  pick  tasteful  pieces  that  really  speak  to  your  style  (and  if  you  want  to  go   all  out,  do  it!).  Lace  is  good!  Silk  is  beautiful!  There’s  no  one  right  way  to  do  this,  so  don’t  try   to  do  what  you  think  you  should  -­‐  do  what  works  for  you!  If  you  are  modest,  choose  a   strappy  tank-­‐top  for  part  of  your  session.  If  you  are  comfortable  going  nude,  I  am  happy  to   work  with  you  to  create  some  tasteful  nude  poses  for  part  of  your  session  -­‐  think:  Marilyn   Monroe  nude  classics.  I  don’t  do  Playboy  style  shots.  :)      Think  beyond  just  bra/underwear  sets  -­‐  silk  robes,  negligees  and  one  of  his  dressy  button   down  shirts  are  just  a  few  ideas  to  consider.  Hit  Victoria’s  Secret,  Fredericks  and  similar   stores  to  get  an  idea  of  what’s  out  there.  Another  fantastic  source  is  -­‐  do  a  search   for  retro  lingerie  or  just  lingerie  -­‐  there  are  some  wonderful  things  on  that  site  that  you   won’t  find  anywhere  else.      Perhaps  the  most  important  thing  to  bring  is  a  sense  of  who  you  are  -­‐  and  if  you’re  doing  the   session  for  him  as  well  -­‐  bring  him  into  the  session.  Bring  his  favorite  guitar  if  you  can  sneak   it  out!  Bring  the  necklace  he  gave  you  or  the  reading  glasses  he  says  make  you  look  like  a sexy  librarian.  And  don’t  forget  to  bring  great  shoes.  Sexy  heels,  strappy  sandals,  fun   evening  shoes.  One  client  even  brought  the  heels  she  wore  to  work  -­‐  she  said  her  husband   adored  them!  And  finally…jewelry  -­‐  larger,  chunker  jewelry  usually  photographs  beautifully.   Long  strands  of  pearls  or  the  more  modern  chunky  necklaces  can  be  a  fun  addition.

I  Don’t  Know  How  to  Pose! One  of  the  other  most  common  things  I  hear  from  clients  is  ”I’m  nervous,”  quickly  followed   by  ”I  have  no  idea  how  to  pose!”  Don’t  worry  -­‐  it’s  normal  to  be  nervous.  And  it’s  normal  not  to  know  exactly  what  to  do  with   your  body.  I  have  some  ”warm  up”  poses  I  usually  start  with  that  are  very  easy  -­‐  you  get  to   lay  there  looking  gorgeous!  Since  I’m  a  big  believer  in  ”studying  up”  on  anything  new,  I’d  also  suggest  grabbing  some   magazines  and  looking  at  how  people  are  posing  in  ads  and  fashion  shoots.  Sometimes  that   will  give  you  an  idea  -­‐  remember  that  you  don’t  have  to  use  the  exact  pose  -­‐  change  an  arm   or  a  leg  and  it  is  completely  different.  Feel  free  to  bring  ideas  with  you  -­‐  lots  of  clients  do!   I  regularly  tear  out  pages  from  magazines  and  also  have  a  magazine-­‐inspired  posing   notebook  that  you  can  flip  through  for  ideas.   I  also  love  trying  new  ideas,  so  bring   new  poses.  We  can  also  play  with  the  surroundings  -­‐  beds,  couches,  chairs  and  bathroom   mirrors  are  just  a  few  of  the  things  we  can  work  with  -­‐  in  addition  to  either  a  bathtub  or   shower.

White  Sheet  Series Each  session  ends  with  a  series  of  photos  of  you  in  the  sheets  -­‐  what  the  pros  called ”implied”  nude  shots.  These  are  always  some  of  my  client’s  favorites  and  are  sexy  and   beautiful  in  their  simple  sensuality.   Every  session  includes  an optional   hair  and  makeup  artist.  Getting  your  hair  and  makeup   done  sets  the  tone  for  your  session.  It  gives  you  time  to  relax,  get  to  know  us  better  and  get   in  the  mindset.

Hair/Makeup  Tips Arrive  with  a  fresh,  clean  face  (no  makeup)  that  has  been  moisturized.  Bring  false  eyelashes  and  glue for  them  if  you  plan  on  wearing  them  (they’re  not  supplied  but  can  be  applied  if   you  bring  them).  The  stylist  has  an  incredible  selection  of  makeup  colors  and  will  work  with   you  to  create  a  look.  Bring  photos  of  makeup  and/or  hair  styles  you  like  if  you  feel  that  will   help  communicate  the  look.      Arrive  with  your  hair  ready  to  be  styled  -­‐  it  should  be  dry.  The  stylist  will  have  curling  irons   and  a  flat  iron,  hair  spray  and  bobby  pins.  Hair  is  usually  worn  down  for  these  sessions  -­‐   think  about  soft  waves  and  curls  -­‐  or  add  a  little  more  volume  than  usual.  Remember  the   term  ”bed  head?”  Yeah,  that’s  a  good  look  for  these  sessions!  Again,  if  you  have  a  specific   idea,  bring  a  photo,  it  really  helps!      For  those  of  you  who  (like  myself)  are  very  particularly  about  the  makeup  -­‐  feel  free  to   bring  some  of  yours  to  compare.  And  keep  in  mind  that  though  it  will  feel  much  darker  than   what  you’re  probably  used  to,  it  will  likely  photograph  very  well. Nasreen, my makeup artist requests to bring your own foundation please.

Who  to  Bring You  are  welcome  to  bring  a  girlfriend  who  will  be  comfortable,  can  laugh  with  you  and  not   distract  you  too  much  (or  the  photographer!).  No  husband,  boyfriends  -­‐  and  sometimes   even  best  friends  can  tend  to  make  us  self-­‐conscious  during  the  session.  (And  need  we  say   it?  No  children  please!)  If  you  do  bring  a  friend,  please  plan  for  them  to  wait  in  hair/makeup   during  your  shoot.  Experience  has  taught  me  that  I  get  the  best  results  when  you’re  focused   on  the  camera  and  thinking  about  feeling  sexy.  And  to  be  honest,  it’s  best  for  me,  too.  I’m   usually  working  quickly  and  need  to  keep  the  focus  on  you.  (Marathon  sessions  typically   include  an  assistant  in  the  room  working  with  me  as  well.)

What  Else  Should  You  Know? There  is  nothing  more  important  than  your  happiness  with  the  experience  and  your  photos.   You  will  be  treated  with  integrity,  respect  and  sensitivity  100%  of  the  time.  No  images  will   EVER  be  posted  publicly  or  shown  unless  consent  is  provided  by  you  directly.

What  a  Session  Includes Every  Boudoir  package  includes  an  online  viewing  gallery  for  ordering  that  includes artistically  crafted  and  fully  retouched  photos  (not  proofs)  -­‐  so  you  can  truly  see  what  your   final  images  look  like. “Marathon”  sessions  take  place  at   luxury  hotels  that  provide  modern  settings  and  include  complementary  wine,  drinks  and   snacks.  Sessions  include  a  professional  photographer  and  an  assistant  to  create  beautiful   portraits.

Brittany - Hello! I was thinking about making a calendar for my boyfriend, could you tell me a little about how much this would cost? I was also wanting to do a different outfit for each month, is that something that you do?January 15, 2013 – 12:51 PM

Kelly Shoulders - I’d like to get some pricing on the session and the makeup and hair. I’m interested in doing this for my husband and my one year wedding anniversary.May 20, 2013 – 11:05 AM

Lisa Dolan - I’m interested in doing boudoir photos for my husband. I have quite a few questions. What’s the best way to communicate with you, email, phone, etc…? Thanks, LisaJune 22, 2013 – 3:08 PM

Aimee Wagenecht - Hello,

I was wondering if you could tell me how much a boudoir session with you costs and what it all includes. I would like to do one for my fiance as his wedding gift.

Thank you,
AimeeMay 7, 2014 – 4:50 PM

Emilia - I am interested in doing a boudoir session to surprise my hubby for our 5th anniversary in July. I am currently 6 /12 months pregnant with baby #3 and think he would really love seeing my sexy side brought out during this pregnancy.

I am looking for a good fit for me here in the QCA.

Thanks!May 21, 2014 – 10:52 PM

jodi erichsen - I am wondering when your next boudoir session would be? I am looking to make a book for my husband for our 5 year anniversary in august. I look forward to hearing from youJanuary 3, 2015 – 10:14 PM

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